WATCH: FBI's Invasive Racial Mapping

This is frightening, disturbing, and discriminatory.  The fact that Deaborn has less than 100,000 people, yet has more people on this list than any other city outside of New York City, is outrageous!

We need to stop this discrimination, regardless of what the “excuse” for it may be.

Highway Patrol officers — wearing no SWAT gear — arrived in Ferguson late Thursday afternoon. Cheers greeted the announcement by the head of the patrol, Capt. Ron Johnson, over a megaphone that he and his officers were “going to march with you.”

Johnson told reporters: “I understand the anger and fear the residents of Ferguson are feeling, and our police officers will respect both of them.”

Missouri Governor puts highway patrol in charge of Ferguson (X)

It’s amazing how they were able to survive the “angry mob” and even walk among them without riot gear. Could it be possible that listening to and validating black people’s concerns over the anti-black police force could actually do some good? Could treating them like real live human beings instead of insulting, threatening, terrifying, and assaulting them can actually make a difference? 

(via feigenbaumsworld)
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