Date number 3?

Now I’m on a train heading into the city to meet my friend for another hang out. Well…I guess we are just friends …

We met on one of these social sites, and hung out a couple of times. I’m trying not to get too excited though…I mean, after all, my luck with guys is just horrible anyway.

After many times of getting excited about potentially finding my next beau, only to be severely disappointed, hurt, and even embarrassed, I’m just tired of the whole thing. So…I’m trying something new…just chilling, hanging out, and not being so emotionally invested in it. If we hang out - cool. If we don’t…that is cool too.

So…we shall see how things pan out for today. I am still excited to see him after a month or so of not being able to meet up (we are both busy people) so it is cool that he is still interested in spending time with me.

So…we shall see how date/hang out #3 goes!





white people are out of control

Like we would really fight

I’d take the iron and smash him upside the head with it.

this why i got no white friends

OMG wtf

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